Fly through the pages of healing–
Torah sends the ancient call.
I’m helped by Wings of Mercy
Every morning I hear it fall,
Breaking dreams imag’ning a “hell’s mouth,”
Giving visions of Life through pain.

Life calls softly, pages rustling
Ancient wisdom springs up again:
Mikveh and taste the health it brings,
“A spring remains clean,” even now.

Nightmares abound in the unclean
Houses dying to be torn down.
Escaping the plagues is a journey
But the journey pervades us all.
Nature carves out the truth in my body,
Bending my mind to its will.

Teaching surrounds; Gentle Instruction,
Each word holds a life-line for me.
A human, with strength to endure it,
Using breath I’ve been giv’n to receive.

Life abounds in the Ruach around me.
Living Breath continues to fill.
Ruach bids me, “Live now.”
And I answer, “As You breathe, I will.”

Torah: “Teaching and Instruction,” AKA: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy
Mikveh: Ritual bathing– similar to baptism, only it happens more often, and throughout the life cycle.
Ruach: Breath / Wind / Spirit