March Winds… or Snows…

Dear Mishpacha v’Chaverim,

Spring is coming!!! Yes, I know it’s probably “here” for most of you, but for us, it’s “coming.” The nighttime temperatures are now reliably above zero, but still not reliably above freezing, even during the day. We made it through winter, with all of us healthy and learning and growing well. Internet is the latest “big exciting thing” here. The corrugated steel grain bin shell of our house is great at deflecting signals, as is the mylar vapor barrier (and infrared heat reflector). The combination meant that our cell phones got very little reception and wireless internet didn’t work at all. The tax return came in, and we re-stocked the pantry, bought a water filter (so we can purify our own water, rather than buying & hauling it from town– YES!!!), and got internet. We are well-blessed.

Our bedroom is also the living / dining / kitchen room (apx. 200 sq. ft.). The kids have a divided bedroom (the first grain bin’s ground floor, another 200 sq. ft., in which we all lived for a month before the second grain  bin’s ground floor was insulated so that we could move into it while insulating the first grain bin’s ground floor) within view of it. At 600 square feet of live-able space so far, it feels pretty big after the 150 square foot yurt, and then living in either half of this space before we got both sides insulated. Each space has felt successively larger and more pleasant. I’m beginning to feel more normalized… nothing like “normal,” you understand  😉  but functional.

“The Grandfather Clock” (a Schoolhouse Regulator, re-named because Gramps built it, not because it’s actually a grandfather clock) made it out of storage last week, and is now on the wall, chiming the quarter-hour. A few other things are filtering their way from storage into our home, and we are beginning to settle in a bit. It’s not quite enough space to bring everything out of storage yet, but enough to bring a few books and odds & ends to make it homey.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed and supported us through these crucial parts of this first-stage build, and helped us to realize our dreams of clean air and affordable, healthy housing! You are all angels (messengers), and we’ve heard your voices loud and clear: “You are loved. You are cared for. You are believed in. You’ll make it.”

Love to all of you!




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