Experiencing Bits of Why

Dear Mishpacha v’Chaverim (Family & Friends),

We’ve been learning and watching more miracles rain down. I admit, I am tired, and don’t need to ever go camping again in order to feel fulfilled in life. Dishes and laundry outdoors in the woods are romantic when there are no bugs, flash floods or high winds. If it weren’t for the up-close-and-personal intensity of this experience, though, I wouldn’t understand how very planned and designed our lives are. We are orchestrated into the amazing position of being able to see the miracles of provision. This property is uniquely situated in a clump of hills that break up the wind and some storms as well. We have repeatedly watched storms coming straight for us, breaking in half so that all we get is the rain, or a much-reduced mph of wind. That’s not to say that 40-60mph winds are fun when camping, but we are also blessed with forested land, which seems to “scrub out” about 10-20 mph for us.

We don’t necessarily see the miracles or purposes behind the Instructions when we are in the “reliable” 9-5 job… until it becomes somehow unreliable, and we are forced to rely on the miracles that were always there,  but overshadowed by imagining of security.

Out here, we NEED the parting of the red storms headed our way on the weather radar. We NEED to “differentiate between the clean and the unclean”, and “bury the excrement outside the camp” to keep ourselves healthy. We NEED the Shabbat to rest and recover and come up for air, and remember who we are individually, and why we are here, and to remember who we are as a team. We NEED a candle-lit dinner, and a day of no cooking or “normal” work. It’s real enough when you’re self-employed, but when you add in camping and building a house and an extreme budget, these needs become all the more clear and profound. 

The first and second grain bins are in process, with the first one having begun assembly yesterday, and the second one half- dismantled and transported here today.

While the guys worked on the farm 2 hours from here, taking down the second grain bin, the rest of us ran errands in town, 15 miles from the property in the opposite direction.

Today, we got the propane tank filled, the water tanks filled, (so we could do laundry again–YES!!) and stocked a few supplies that are available in the “close-by” town. We do a trip to the Big City about once every 7-10 days for health food & supplements, which is an hour each way. We’d like to reduce that to once a month, but it will take some investment capital, which is currently being spent on house parts as quickly as Hubby earns it. We’ve also found a local farm that grows non-gmo, biodynamc food, and sells it off the truck in the close-by town through October.

Oh! Latest miracle: the second grain bin was FREE, and in better shape than the first one (which wasn’t bad to start with)! The farmer has a few more he’d like removed, and we can have them as long as it’s done before they’re frozen. Hubby & Big Guy will head out there in between jobs until we have all we can use here, YHWH willing. He Causes To Exist is our Nursing Mother.

A few pix of the first bin, and Canoeing with our friends one Sunday when we took an extra day off a few weeks ago. Blessings, All!



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