Quick Update

tmp_27853-0710160941-694000688Everything was washed and nearly dry from the last storm,  and then we were hit with another. The tents may be salvageable with the some gorilla tape.


Everyone is staying in the Yurt until we get the Hogan (storm shelter / kids’rooms) built. We are breaking down pallets (Big Guy invented an upgrade to a tool that Papa had found on YouTube and upgraded the first design while we were still Out West before the first adventure in The Great North.) Big Guy is getting pretty good at breaking them down quickly into lumber.  Big Girl takes them to Papa to have the nails ground off.  We’re getting quite a pile started.


Today, we’re taking a break from pallet wood, though. Some trees came down in the storm last night, and Papa & Big Guy are getting them untangled with the chain saw & come-along.

The rest of us are  hanging out wet things to drip dry until we can get them through the dryer. Two more storms tonight and tomorrow night. We’re thinking fond thoughts of grain bins as a less expensive alternative to shipping containers.  Our little nest egg went pretty fast, with a few weeks off of paying work to drive here and repair & clean the yurt, so we’re saving up to buy them now. Thankfully, Hubby has work here already, which he can do as soon as weather permits.

Meanwhile, we are all healthy and doing well. Keep praying. We know that we are all dependent on the next miracle. It just feels more “real” when we are so close to the elements, and removed from the monthly paycheck. The miracle of not being laid off is probably just as poignant for a lot of folk. Maybe it’s all about perspective. We work and pray, and watch for where our next step is directed.



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