When the Adventure is More than the Glamour

We so appreciate all of your prayers and support! “Living the dream” has its ups & downs, and it’s so good to feel all of you cheering us on.

We arrived in plenty of time on Friday to get the Yurt ready for Erev Shabbat… We had been looking forward all winter to our very own home. At 150 sq ft, with 6 occupants last summer, it was a bit tight, but at least it’s ours. We don’t owe the bank for it, and it works quite well for several months. This year, we thought we’d spend the first night in it, and then add an extra tent for more sleeping space (the kids didn’t shrink over winter) until we get the Hogan ( storm shelter /bedrooms for kids, made of pallet wood & sign tarps) built. Hence, that tent was at the bottom of the packing when we discovered that our “very own” Yurt had been borrowed for the winter in our absence.

Mice are opportunistic critters. Everything that wasn’t sealed (including our mattress)  was a dump fee in place of an amenity.

That first night, we were doubly thankful for friends who had thought to send tent gifts with us from Out West. We were also very aware that there are reasons why people our age don’t often voluntarily sleep on the ground.

A week and a half later, the insulation has been removed, the floor & walls cleaned, resurfaced and sealed, and the sites of invasion repaired. Hubby is amazing! The trailer is unloaded and its contents are in a makeshift garage made of shelving and sign tarps. The kids have really been incredible.

We had beautiful weather for it, and for cleaning the boys’ tent, when we found a straggler. There’s been a drought here, which is frightening for farmers here, but also means working weather for us: no rain and fewer mosquitoes and ticks this year. (Lovin’ that!)

So we were all tucked in tonigot when it finally started to rain… Two inches in just an hour. Both tents leaked badly, and the Yurt had a small leak as well. All six of us in 150 sq ft again… As the kids say, “Slumber party with Mom & Da!”

Life really is good. Warm & relatively dry, and fed healthy food.We have children who are in touch with what is truly valuable. I have a family who believe in our team and in our Provider, because we’ve seen the miracles repeatedly as we walk the Ancient Paths. They are optimistic that YHWH will provide agin. It’s a different kind of wealth.

I planted heirloom zucchini and cold-hardy lavender ( tick repellent). A few seeds went in for a veggie garden of Egyptian Walking Onions and Collards (Real Food!) yesterday. Just before the storm. Maybe the next miracles are beginning to form.



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