The Plans We Didn’t Make

The mind of man plans his way, but YHWH directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

As stated in our post from this winter,  our plans didn’t pan out as expected. AND there were reasons why.

Two friends began chemotherapy this Spring. The tools I have to offer are not always conveniently packaged into a standard office visit. It requires intimate understanding of the total picture of the patients’  lives.

I am honored to know these friends so intimately,  and further honored to have been included among their resources. It would have been impossible to have served as intensively from such a distance as The Great North. We were kept there longer so that we could serve, and so that we could be blessed immeasurably.

When we initially arrived,  we were in shock. The house we were promised was unliveable, with mold, sewer gas, and deteriorating carpet in every breath. Once, it truly had been a “great house,” but it wasn’t the reality we experienced at 2 AM when we pulled in. Two months ( and seven moves) later, we were blessed with a home for the  Spring that worked beautifully.  It came complete with a lovely housemate, and we were grateful for several opportunities to serve her as well. The timing was exactly right for all concerned.

If we had been able to keep the original arrangement,  we’d have been headed back to The Great North a few months sooner, which wouldn’t have allowed us to be there for so many friends who needed us in so many ways. It also wouldn’t have allowed for time to receive the depth and expanse of generosity from so many friends who gave time, practical goods, health tools, and other gifts for our family.

Timing is everything. It’s good to know One Who stands outside of time and space, directing our steps, no matter what we have so “responsibly” planned.

Shalom, All, from a tent back in The Great North! (explanation of what happened to the Yurt in the next blog)





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