Expecting The Next Set of Miracles

It seems like the blessings are coming in as minor miracles lately.

Another Jewish family in the “Land Of No Jews.”

A tallit (Jewish Prayer Shawl) in the thrift shop for 50% off, and the lady at the register had been waiting for us to come in & tell her what it was– in the town of only 2 Jewish families.

A dead generator traded for a working washing machine from a guy who “just happens” to have a new engine so that the generator will run for him!

TWO large water tanks! (Running water, here we come!!!)

A loan sufficient to buy the second water tank and take care of bills that piled up when the truck needed repairs and S. hurt his knee. (May He Who Causes to Exist bless!)

A tripple stainless steel sink (something I’d been drooling over for a few years, as it’s more efficient for us than a dishwasher!) , a few hallogen lamps, an outdoor heater, lumber,a coffee table, electrical cable, and too many more gifts to mention from friends of friends and strangers from Craigslist.

The kitchen is moved over next door to the yurt site, and across the driveway from the refrigerator & freezer. A much shorter hike between the two.

Yurt (gifted to us by a kind neighbor who used to build them!) was set up last night! Looking forward to moving in this week.

So many “little things” just fall exactly into place– just enough of a particular size of pallet wood to be ripped into flooring. Just enough of a dozen other provisions at just the right time!

Venison and grass-fed beef gifts just when groceries were getting tight.

So thankful!

Miracles raining down on us.

Learning not to have a pre-conceived notion of what provision “should” look like.

S. applied for a job. The phone quit ringing the first week of school here (it always does). Frightening in a new area, though, and with winter coming, and a house to build fast. Phone started ringing again, though. Work lined up for next week.

Neighbor took S, J, H, & E fishing while K & I did laundry.  At least 2 or 3 good meals of fish in the fridge from that one catch in an afternoon.

Good experiences for kiddos.

Gotta go feed the natives. They’re working hard.

Will fill in pix when I can get a minute in town with good internet.

Love to all of you.


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  1. oh how i love this update and every beautiful gift and miracle being experienced! how we love you guys. and how i love to get to hear and “see” your journey as it unfolds. love you!

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