Blessings Raining Down

Yesterday, we spent a “severe thunderstorm” (did NOT turn into a tornado warning: just a “watch 🙂 in our tent, watching The Little Engine That Could. “I think I can, I think I can…”
The wind is blowing at 37 mph right now. There are no tornado warnings, and it isn’t raining. It’s chilly. The locals are in short sleeves and jeans. I’m wearing a winter coat / parka. It’s August, and in the 50’s today. I’m told it’s “unseasonably cold.” Hmmm…
We bought a hot water heater, a freezer, and a toaster oven, all very inexpensively, second-hand. We had power installed here to run everything. It “just happened” to be *just in time, days and hours after the generator and the inverters both died, respectively.
The people who installed the power were very kind, and dislodged some “large-ish pebbles” that were blocking the driveway from being wide enough to get a container up the hill. They’re neatly deposited on the downhill side, now supporting the structure of the driveway, and making a lovely entry.
A neighbor used to build yurts, and has one from a few years back, which needs some major cleaning, but should keep us housed for a few months longer than the tents. He’s donating it to the cause.
A client has gifted a refrigerator, hotplate, and toaster oven, as they’re clearing out “schtuff” from their recent move.
Some people S bumped into have offered volunteer labor to help with the construction.
We’ve been given some windows and a glass door, and the local Habitat for Humanity has offered more materials, once we can bring pix of a building site in progress.
A gentleman in town has gifted some lumber to us. Some of it will be useful for walls, and some would make great beams.
Another neighbor has offered more pallets (aka wood / building materials).
Some people we met last night at the neighbor’s outdoor concert offered tarps from their sign-making business. They’re large, thick tarps, which will make beautiful roofing. We had just bought some tarps from a sign company a few miles north of here. Free is so much easier on the budget, which is already strapped.
Some friends from back “home” sent some natural mosquito bite ointment as well as netting. We’re missing all of our friends / “family” out there. We have a beautiful community here, and we’re feeling welcomed and loved already. It’s good to find friends and support so far from the people we love so much.
Thank you to all of you who have kept in contact with letters and photos! We’re finding that it’s a full-time job for all hands to keep us functioning in tent life, but our hearts are with you, and we’re grateful for the encouraging words and support you’re all sending. May Yah bless you all richly!
We’re so thankful for so many people who have donated and offered so much!
We thought we’d found a spring, and started digging today, but it turned out to be a damp spot on the surface. We’ll need to go deeper to get to good water, which will take renting machinery. That’s a bummer.
We’ve been spending ‘way too much on quarters for the laundromat. Running water is a priority right now. We’ve hit a few hiccups along the way, a few highlights are a molded tent, Stephen’s knee injury, a major vehicle repair that we weren’t expecting, and a lost day of work waiting for it to be fixed. The major budget buster, though, is the lack of running water. We’re spending too much at the laundromat and on gas to get back & forth to town to do it.
Today S gets paid from a job he’s been working on through the knee injury. Praise Yah, it’s getting better with Arnica, Aconitum, and Great Mender.
Yesterday, we rested, letting the richness and abundance of the Shabbat sink in. It’s good to find space to be thankful and celebrate what does exist. There’s sanity and grounding in the rhythm that the Shabbat gives us. I don’t remember who to credit with the quote, but, “More than the Jewish people have kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jewish people.”
Shalom, ‘yall, from the Frozen North.

  1. Blessings Raining Down and is nice to be able to read and follow along. Sounds like the community support is happening a little at a time. May work come, and funds available to do what you need to do. Followed you while you were in Oregon. Time gets away from us. But still, am interested, that health for you remains and your efforts are fruitful. Special people and family, you are. Stone Drum

    • Stoney?!
      Honored to see you here! Good to “hear your voice.” Yes– beautiful community: here, and in OR. Missing friends there. Making more here. Takes time, but good.
      Love to you & yours. Growing so fast… like mine. May you be blessed in your paths, walking wisdom with joy to balance it.

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