Bicycle Built for Five… Six.

So this post was from a few years back… and now we have another kiddo ready to pedal… so Hubby played with the welding torch, some pieces-parts of old bikes, and a grinder. The result: we’ve got a tandem in the works to put on the back of the “Wagon”, with some reinforced hitches. MacGyver got nothin’ on Hubby! LOL! He refinished the “wagon box” yesterday, and it’s lookin’ classy 🙂

Here’s the first part of that story:

“Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true…”  OK, so he didn’t have this thing when he proposed, but  we didn’t have 5 people to put on it then, either LOL! Hubby traded some work for a bike, and traded that bike for this… in not-quite-so-good-a-shape as it’s in now, and started tinkering… he fixed this and that… added two hitches to the back of it to put the two big kids’ bikes on…

Then he added the two little ones’ car seats, tethered down (yes,the thing goes fast, and deserves car seats)…

…and a “Wagon Box” and Cover…

The babies and I went on a 25 mile ride about a week ago. Today was more laid-back. Here’s Mamma’s Wagon at rest:

My Two Useful Engines:

Pappa Relaxin’

Bikin’ Baby On the Prairie:

Baby Girl tryin’ out the driver’s seat:

It’s kind of our answer to the oil crisis, economic challeges, and our total health picture all wrapped up into one. We sold our family car over a year ago, and I’d been driving a granny-trike with a double baby trailer on behind, and the two big kids have been on their own bikes. I like this much better– THANK YOU, HUBBY!!! It’s great for keeping track of everybody, and this machine was designed to haul! On our longer jaunt, we had a few people lean out the window and take our picture.  We had a beautiful educational opportunity, too. As we were driving under an overpass, a lady leaned her entire upper body out the window of her car, and yelled, “THAT IS SO BI***IN’!!” We got to discuss the intention behind what a person says, and the differences in our vocabulary choices for expressing those positive intentions LOL!

  1. I LOVE this! My ride to work is in a train. As it’s about 50 miles away, I won’t fool myself into thinking I can pedal myself to work. Very cool, however. My kids would have loved this when they were younger. Now, as teens, they’d enjoy it only with their friends. Such is life and the strive for independance. Great photos, great post.

    • 50 miles would be a bit much for me, too LOL! Train is better than a car on the budget and on the air quality, I’ll bet. Making our functional choices where we can, right? Re-kids: yep they love it 😀
      Re-independence & older kids… OH, I’m hoping they’ll bring their friends along with us! …I guess we *are teaching independence pretty intensively, aren’t we? LOL!

  2. I’m guilty of trying to keep mine dependent. We already have one who left home. Even though he’s 24, we wanted him to stay! As it is we all love it when he comes home for visits. In my perfect world we’d have a huge piece of land somewhere so we could build a bunch of homes and have them all live near.

    • Oh, that *does sound good!!! Babies all near, and land enough to support them and their children’s children… may we know the day!

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