It’s NOT Food!

This generation is battling for the right to hunt down the kind of food that the previous generation had in abundance. When my parents were developing embryos, there was no such thing as a GMO.
Big business has gone nuts, but consumers still hold the power of demand. WE can demand real change by refusing the toxic nightmare they offer.

  1. Lynn said:

    I totally agree with you. For love of money these corporate companies would stop at nothing short of canabism. It is so hard to sort through all the garbage. Here where I live there not much left to shop through when you are done. My latest outrage is Pepsico-Frito Lay and Kraft ( and some others) for use of aborted embryo’s in there artifical flavorings. It wounds like something that would be made up and I almost wanted to disbelieve when my Mama and Dad where telling me and my sister about this. My sister got home and searched the internet and sure enough found documentation on it. I do wonder what God must think when he looks down upon us.

    • There was a prophecy that, if Israel were to disobey YHWH’s Teaching and Instruction, that they would wind up eating their own children. (Deuteronomy ch.28) I find it interesting that there’s also a prophecy that the Law would “go forth from Zion,” and that “many nations” would come to learn, “so that we may walk in his paths” (Micah 4:2). It does make me wonder… I’ve seen SO much healing through walking in those Ancient Paths that I’d been taught were “old covenant” and “irrelevant” and “under the blood.” I’m thinking that an entire society, culture, and world could benefit from implementing the Teaching and Instruction, especially where food is concerned. GMO’s aren’t Kosher.

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