I Hate Particleboard!

Pretends to be wood. Chemicals & what-not jammed together to make you think it’s furniture or subflooring or cabinets or what-have-you. A drop of water, and it turns to mush. Irritating. Not the worst of it, though.

I wrote a post a while back called Gifts, Monsters, and Blessings about some of my experiences with a toxic house, which we escaped, and have significantly healed from. Hindsight’s supposed to be 20/20. We’ll see. We all walk learning.

I bumped into a blogpost online from a lady who got formaldehyde poisoning from the formalin in a hair product. Reminded me of a book I read once, Your Health & Your House by Nina Anderson and Albert Benoist. P 47-54 describe problems that can come up with formaldehyde-laden products, and another lady’s experiences w/ formaldehyde poisoning. Hers was from the particleboard subfloor in her home. She had her carpets cleaned, and the moisture released the formailn. Her symptoms looked like a milder version of my own– more like what Hubby & the kids experienced. The picture fits better than the ex-meth house picture. There was a known meth user in that house, and it was a “party house”, covered up nicely by the landlady before we moved in and found out the history on it, but I’m thinkin’ maybe formaldehyde fits better with our experiences there.

We steam-cleaned the floors, trying to get “something” out of the carpets. They felt all crunchy & springy– not like normal carpet fibers. It only seemed to get worse. Whenever we’d take a shower or run the dishwasher, the air seemed to cloud up, and the respiratory & skin & joint issues were more pronounced. It was definitely more intense near floor level. When the hot water heater flooded the garage, a big cloud of it hit me in the face, and I got 16 cavities all in one month immediately after that.

I did a bit more research, and found that formaldehyde or formalin breaks down bone tissue. Hmm… pitted bones that could be felt through the skin, holes in teeth that had been perfectly healthy for 5 years prior to this experience. I’m thinkin’ this may be a new avenue of healing for me. Thought I’d write it out to give other folks a heads-up. I’m on a warpath against formaldehyde in my world.

For me, in my world, avoiding formaldehyde entirely may become more realistic than for most, but I figure I’ll let you know what I’m doing.

1. We don’t buy new clothing except for socks & undies, and wash those 3 times in hot, soapy water before wearing.

2. No particle board furniture in the house.

3. Running charcoal / carbon filters (the kind that get formaldehyde out of the air best)

4. LOTS of spider plants (several species are good at getting formaldehyde out of the air. Spiderplants are one of ’em)

5. Keeping the humidity in the house low (there’s still some particleboard in most construction. Unless you own your own home, and can do what you want for yourself, it’s likely that the subfloor will contain formaldehyde)

6. Moving toward an AWESOME BLESSING! We’ve been given (YES, GIVEN!!!) LAND!!!! TODAH, YHWH!!! (thank God) Wanting to keep our location offline under my hat, but also wanted to share that bit of news w/ all of you who have known our hopes & dreams that all center on having our own “bit of Earth” to care-take.

7. Planning a home that will not include formaldehyde 😀

A huge thank you to all of you who have been praying for us!


If you suspect that you may have experienced something similar, I’m happy to share w/ you various tools in my basket that have been an enormous help.


Standard Disclaimer:

I’m  no doc, and don’t pretend to be one. I am therefore not legally licensed to diagnose, cure, treat, prevent, or otherwise mitigate any disease, and neither is the stuff I generally choose for healing… but then, I’ve not been educated indoctrinated by boards with big pharma reps on them, either ;-)  so do your own research and find what works for you :-)

  1. Lynn said:

    I have read and heard of conditions resulting form formaldehyde but not as extreme. I had learned that it is in alot of carpeting but I did not know it was in so many other products. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Congratulations on the land! Isn’t it great when we God’s plan starts revealing itself to us!

    • I’ve not found anyone with as extreme a situation as ours, either, but then it would take someone with a prior history of difficulties with man-made toxins, maybe, coupled with a mama who does a lot of indoor work involving water usage? It seems to line up with the more severe reaction I experienced.
      You bet– hope it helps someone (or multiple someones) avoid a similar situation, and / or heal form it!
      Thanks, Lynn– it’s beautiful to see the Hand of YHWH work! 🙂

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