Who Owns The House?

Hmmm… now this makes some sense. In an Ancient Hebrew wedding ceremony, the prospective groom is required to delineate what he is willing to give for and to his prospective bride in a Ketubah  (written marriage agreement). Four things were required: Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Marital Rights, plus it might include other, optional things, along with a bride price, paid to her father, all of which she had to approve before agreeing to marry him. Makes sense. He works for her (someone he values enough to work for), she owns his house. Security, in exchange for working for him and bearing his children. In that culture, at that time, a woman had more security than many women do now, in some ways. At least then, in that culture, he had to be willing to acknowledge that she was worth something, and give her a place to live, sustenance, and pleasure. Too many women don’t even get a ring now-a-days …and call it “liberated.”

Can you picture a girl now-a-days saying, “Um, yeah, I like you and all, but I need a house, and if you don’t feed me, clothe me, and offer yourself to me on a regular basis, I’ll have grounds for divorce, and I want it all in writing, and witnessed by my father before I’ll marry you.” Somewhere along the line, women got gypped! …oh, wait a minute… that would be in reference to gypsies, wouldn’t it… which might be closer to the ancient culture than to the modern (dunno– haven’t studied gypsy culture intensively). ‘Gotta watch my language LOL!


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