The Questions Kiddos Ask…

“Mommy, can we eat the avocado seeds?”

“I dunno, baby… I guess we could look it up…”

Found this at this site:

“Medicinal Uses: The fruit skin is antibiotic; is employed as a vermifuge and remedy for dysentery. The leaves are chewed as a remedy for pyorrhea. Leaf poultices are applied on wounds. Heated leaves are applied on the forehead to relieve neuralgia. The leaf juice has antibiotic activity. The aqueous extract of the leaves has a prolonged hypertensive effect. The leaf decoction is taken as a remedy for diarrhea, sore throat and hemorrhage; it allegedly stimulates and regulates menstruation. It is also drunk as a stomachic. In Cuba, a decoction of the new shoots is a cough remedy. If leaves, or shoots of the purple-skinned type, are boiled, the decoction serves as an abortifacient. Sometimes a piece of the seed is boiled with the leaves to make the decoction.

The seed is cut in pieces, roasted and pulverized and given to overcome diarrhea and dysentery. The powdered seed is believed to cure dandruff. A piece of the seed, or a bit of the decoction, put into a tooth cavity may relieve toothache. An ointment made of the pulverized seed is rubbed on the face as a rubefacient—to redden the cheeks. An oil extracted from the seed has been applied on skin eruptions.”

Hmmm… one more “leaf for healing” “for the nations”?

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  1. I’m thinkin’ a good way of “gettin’ it down” would be to put the avocado seeds into a ginger-and-citrus tea, sweetened with honey 😉
    …either that, or if you wanted the whole seed for the fiber, you could use a really buff food processor, and put the powdered seeds into a fruit smoothie!

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