Celebrating Freedom :-)

Past and present oppressors have fallen, or will fall.

One of those Natural Laws– it’s just going to happen.

He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches and he that giveth to the rich shall surely come to want.

Proverbs 22:16

May we be privileged to witness the deliverances, and to participate in facilitating them!



  1. Charlie said:

    This is such a complete writing. You make it clear even for the simplest of readers to understand and enjoy. I worked for GNC for two years and learned so much about what nature has to offer. Very good work my friend. Please don’t let up. I know the discipline of writing can be a challenge as I just finished my third book and I’m waiting on the publisher to now do his thing. Good luck and thanks for directed me here……Charlie

    • Thanks for reading, Charlie– I appreciate the feedback, thank you! Will keep at it– I get side-tracked by “life” around here, but I do plan on getting it done πŸ™‚ Good luck with your books as well! When I get closer to it, I might ask a bit more on specifics, if you’re up for it? Love to you & yours! πŸ™‚

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