Concrete Faith: If it don’ work, don’ bother…

A Chapter out of the book I’m working on…  Maybe Chapter 1???

The title of this book is pretty bold. It may as well be “Sunrise, Sunset”, or “Natural Laws”, but to the casual observer, “What the heck? Some lady thinks that her body is designed in a way so that some ancient guy wrote something that still applies to her physical health and well-being?” Yup. I know it from experience, and that experience is actually backed up by some science here & there. I don’t actually trust a lot of science, though– it’s been bought off a few too many times to “prove” whatever was convenient for making mega-bucks. The things I know, I know like I know that “the sun’s coming up in the morning. “ It may be the wrong way to say it– the sun doesn’t actually come up in the morning– we turn around and see it. It doesn’t change the fact that I know it works, and that, from my perspective, here on Earth, I can generally plan on it functioning that way. Similarly, I may not be able to say perfectly to everyone’s satisfaction how or why Torah “functions” for my body. I just know it does: I’ve “turned around and seen it” a few too many times. This book is an attempt to communicate whatever may be helpful for others hunting down answers along their own healing paths.

Once upon at time, I was pretty doggone sick, and it lasted a miserably long time. I finally got better, and then an environmental attack on my system laid me low again. I wasn’t old enough to be dying, but I experienced “unexplained” tearing and bleeding along with other digestive ailments, skin problems so severe that I couldn’t sleep for months on end, exhaustion to the point of prostration, even when I did get plenty of sleep, debilitating joint pains, difficulty breathing, and mental, emotional, and physical “toxicity.” At one point, I had to be carried to the bathroom in the morning because I couldn’t crawl there on my own. I believe (can support) that there were several factors involved in these symptoms and problems. In walking through the path of trying everything that modern medicine could offer me, and out the other side toward exploring and experiencing results from alternative, natural medicines, I found that the most potent healing power was in tangible, concrete things that I’d read in Scripture, but had been taught were out-dated and useless ancient rituals, “covered by the blood”. This pattern of finding solutions in the Ancient Paths of Natural Laws in TaNaK (Torah, Prophets, and Writings / Genesis- Malachi) became more and more apparent as the years and experiences built more and more real, grounded faith in me… not the kind where I was told, “just have faith” …as though some cloud somewhere would manifest whatever I thought might be true if I thought on things for which I had no evidence long enough and hard enough. There’s an Ancient Hebrew Pictograph, the language in which Scripture was originally written, that explains REAL faith beautifully:

Real Faith: If It Don’ Work, Don’ Bother:

Life is rich with natural, functional, healthy systems that really do work. Chemicals, Smog and assundry other nuisances obscure our view of the beauty around and within us that works well. That beauty exudes its richness through “Faith.”
The original word for “faith” in Scripture was “emunah”, and it had a lot more to it than the nebulous “belief” I was once taught.

Aleph-Mem-Vav-Nun-Hey: (read the opposite direction in Hebrew)
Aleph: -Bull’s Head (Strength, First, Authority)
Mem: -Moving Water / Blood
Vav: -Tent Peg (Nail Down, Secure)
Nun: -Sprouting Seed (Offspring, Continuing, Generation)
Hey: -Man Standing in Awe (Wow, LOOK!)

Altogether, it’s “Strength Watering and Securing the Sprouting Seed, and Standing in Awe” at the results.
Faith without works really is dead. The picture of Emunah (Original Faith) is Strength Watering and Securing the Sprouting Seed and Standing in Awe, Looking at the results.
Real Faith is real work, implementing the Natural Laws given in Torah, and seeing the results of working within those tangible, functional, “Good” Rules.  Emunah is really better-translated “Faithfulness.” When we are faithful to YHWH’s Teaching and Instruction, we experience the results of real, active, living faith.
If faith produces the Tov (Functionality / Goodness) described in Torah, it’s real faith, and you can hang your hat on it. Just like we invest strength in following the Natural Laws, planting a seed and watering it and watching it sprout and grow into food, there are a multitude of rich laws that can feed, heal, teach, and guide us if we’ll implement them. Faith that implements the Teaching and Instruction of YHWH is recognizeable in the Tov (function, as opposed to dysfunction) it produces.

 For more info on the pictographs, please investigate:



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