Naked in the Sun & CLO

Most folks are a bit familiar with the story of the Garden of Eden– the whole Adam & Eve being naked-and-not-ashamed thing. There was something good / functional about that. Yes, there are dysfunctional things that happen when folks twist that beautiful, functional picture, but the original picture and the original design was to have folks runnin’ around naked in the sun. We don’t do that so much now. Not only was it a “good thing” for Adam and Eve, but according to the prophet Isaiah, there’s a “good thing” coming where there’ll be a significantly greater sunlight at some point– a time of healing:

Isaiah 30:26“The light of the moon will be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven days, on the day the LORD binds up the fracture of His people and heals the bruise He has inflicted.”

With these two pictures in mind, maybe there’s “something good” that we can use in the here-and-now, in-between times.

A significant and mounting body of research suggests that, unless you’re a surfer year-round in the tropics, you’re probably not getting enough sunlight on your skin to produce sufficient Vitamin D. The USRDA is extraordinarily low, when compared with the requirements that are being suggested by some studies to prevent depression and build bone & dental strength… and danged if we don’t find a bazillion people in a world o’ hurt over dental issues and depression– especially seasonal affective disorder. *I’m no doc, so do your own research, and find what works for you.* That said, I find that my body responds extraordinarily well to around 10,000-14,000 iu of vitamin D drops daily. I tend to alternate with Cod Liver Oil ( I like Carlson’s Brand, Lemon Flavor best, and so do the kids. We put it in smoothies & yogurt & what-not). I tend to ignore their “recommended dosage” of 1-2 teaspoons, and give the kids 1-2 Tablespoons, and myself 2-4 Tablespoons / day on days when I don’t take the vitamin D drops. Let me repeat that– I do either, or– not doubling up b/c the CLO has good vitamin D in it at that dosage. My skin, hair, nerves & fingernails like the CLO best, while my teeth seem to like the lanolin-based vitamin D drops best (I get Nature’s Answer brand on that– 2,000 iu per drop), so I alternate between the two.

My world has been improved by this “Natural Miracle” among many others. Things I can see directly correlated to my own experiences with Cod Liver Oil: Reduced nervous tension, healing dry, brittle, paper-thin skin that would tear upon brushing against soft fabrics, reduced joint pains, reduced pain in cavities in my teeth, smoother, stronger-feeling teeth (they felt like brittle glass, and I was afraid to bite down with them for a while, certain I’d chip a tooth at any moment), watching a child’s feet, pointed in toward each other, point straighter, and the child walk straighter same-day with 2 Tbsp / day dosage. I’ve watched children’s hair go from a frayed, frizzy mess to smooth and shining with sufficient CLO, and complaints of “growing pains” eliminated by CLO.

Our grandmothers, or great-grandmothers knew the good of this “Natural Miracle.” Maybe their wisdom, combined with the wisdom of TaNaK can point us in a direction that validates some modern research 😉


Standard Disclaimer:

I’m  no doc, and don’t pretend to be one. I am therefore not legally licensed to diagnose, cure, treat, prevent, or otherwise mitigate any disease, and neither is the stuff I generally choose for healing… but then, I’ve not been educated indoctrinated by boards with big pharma reps on them, either ;-)   so do your own research and find what works for you :-)

  1. seedrum said:

    Just plain ran out of time. but there is plenty for me to comment on.

    will work my response into the regular conversation. You know.

    the ones we have, from time to time. enjoyed this…

    my interest comes with a certain sense: Its never too late to find out…what is best for you.

    not sure when I knew, the unintended consequences of Poisoning the food chain.

    be well.

  2. Good to see you– enjoy it when it works out 🙂
    Poisoning… my body was telling me about it long before I understood what it was saying. I’m learning to speak its language LOL!

  3. I had a comment on this post from my other site, and wanted to share it here, with my response to it:

    Nice. I try to supplement my diet with a fistful of vitamins, but I heard, no research on my part, that doing that might damage me somehow? Then again, there is the other side that says too much vitamins is a myth. I know you do “flush” what you don’t use out naturally, but I’m not sure. A woman at my work, her daughter was unusually tired and sad. She gave her exactly what you said in your book and BAM! she was bubbly and happy two days later! Thank you for the advice. I look forward to more excerpts.

    Hi, Jericho,
    You read my “standard disclaimer”… so that said, I’ve read studies where 20,000 iu of Vitamin D, and over that amount per day, over a long term can lead to toxicity. Most supplements are so far below that , it’s ridiculous. There are varying tocicity points in the other fat-soluble vitamins, like Vitamin D, too, and I’m not sure what they are. In general, though, I think that very few of us is in any danger of getting too much of most vitamins. The water-soluble vitamins will “just wash out”, like you said, though Vitamin C in large quantities can cause loose bm’s– takes quite a bit,, though, for most folks. I find that around 2,000 mg / day, separated into doses no larger than 1,000 mg is about all I tolerate comfortably.
    Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your comments!

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    • Honored, Janice– good to meet you 🙂
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