Pathways To Answers: Thorns, Thistles, and Blessings

As I walk through Torah / TaNaK / Original Testament / first 2/3 of the Christian Bible, and walk through healing my own body, and watching others heal theirs, I’m finding that there isn’t so much of a “this is the perfect thing” and “this is the only good and right thing”, but rather “this is a good path– follow it, and find more.”

Stinging Nettles can be one of the most miserable curses in our yards… while at the same time providing some of the most phenomenal curing power in our bodies. I’ve seen people with chronic allergies find extraordinary relief in a quart of strong-brewed nettles tea daily. One friend says suntea is a great way to go. Seems like the “greater light to rule by day” couldn’t hurt the brew. I’ve also found that it’s a rather wonderful multi-vitamin as well as a rich source of chlorophyll. I mention stinging nettles in this “good path– find more” concept because that’s where searching TaNaK for answers has often led.

I’ve been noticing that, for miscellaneous ailments I’ve had, there are beautiful answers in the thorns and thistles department.
Hawthorne berries & Rosehips for Vitamin C and heart health,  Milk thistle seed and Blessed Thistle for helping to detoxify the blood and liver, and assundry other lovely little gems for making this body of mine that has been through so much feel significantly better… naturally.
The Ancient Hebrew letter Samech is a picture / pictograph of a Ring of Thorns. It carries the meaning of piercing, but also of being a “hedge of protection,” built by the shepherd around the flock. Maybe those thorns have a double meaning, not only in the letter, but in the natural world, here-and-now?
So, I wonder… maybe the “curse” and the “blessing” really aren’t such opposite things after all…
Maybe “Thorns also and thistles will it bring forth to you; and you will eat the herb of the field.” in Genesis 3:18 could be instructions in how we are to cope with the world we’ve made in our choices to ignore the Teaching and Instruction of YHWH? Maybe our Designer’s mercies really are greater than we’ve ever imagined!

If these stinging nettles, “thorns and thistles,” are such a blessing in various areas, then maybe there are more blessings to be had in various other members of the same family of plant? The mint family is generally a great source for everything from coughs & colds to respiratory ailments like asthma, to indigestion to general nerve support & tonic.

Several herbs in that family, with descriptions of what they’re good for here:

Move into the homeopathic genre of healing tools, and their usefulness multiplies beautifully.

Maybe some of the beautiful healing gifts of Torah are in finding its original meaning. It is often “Law”, but most Hebrew speakers will tell you that it actually means “to point out”, and is related to the word, “to throw” — like you’re sending something along a path toward a goal. Our job is to follow that path, and find the healing along the Way.

Standard Disclaimer:

I’m  no doc, and don’t pretend to be one. I am therefore not legally licensed to diagnose, cure, treat, prevent, or otherwise mitigate any disease, and neither is the stuff I generally choose for healing… but then, I’ve not been educated indoctrinated by boards with big pharma reps on them, either ;-)   so do your own research and find what works for you :-)

  1. DeeinFL said:

    Very interesting. I know there are so many herbal remedies and I am always learning more. 🙂

    • Yup– never an end to the supply of new plants to get to know! We all walk learning 🙂 Keep at it, Dee– the more knowledge we gain & spread, the better!

  2. Sweet Briar said:

    I love mint.
    … a blessing for us all.
    Truly touched.

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